Weight Cleanse Kit

Weight Cleanse Kit

UGX 185,000

+Stimulates Fat Burning Hormones
+Reduces Total body Fat percentage
+Natural Fat & Sugar Burner

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Weight Cleanse is a holistic solution to balanced weight loss. It contains a blend of natural and orgnaic ingredients with weight loss enhancing properties for a whole body internal cleansing. It is formulated to promote a multi-functional approach to weight loss, so that you shed the extra body fat and feel vibrant and healthy.
-Natural Weight Loss
-Natural Fat & Sugar Burner
-Stimulates Fat-Burning hormones to burn more fat stores
-Reduces Total Body Fat Percentage
-Blocks the Absorption of carbs
-Blocks Excess Fat Production
-Rids the body of excess Toxins & Waste
-Relieves Water Retention
-Stimulates Thyroid Function & Metabolism
-Surbs Food & Sugar Cravings

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Weight Cleanse Kit
UGX 185,000
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