Bone and Joint Treatment

Bone and Joint Treatment

UGX 130,000

Inflamation and Pain

+ Cartilage Degeneration
+ Cleans & Lubricates Joints
+ Flushes out Uric Acid build-up in Joints
+ Joint Swelling & Body Inflammation
+ Stiffness of Joint Cartilage
+ Helps to Rebuild Collagen in Joints
+ Aids in Alkalizing the Body
+ Increases Bone Mineral Density
+ Stimulates Bone Regeneration
+ Bone Fracture Repair & Recovery
+ Promotes new Cell Production
+ Herniated Spinal Disk Problems
+ Sciatica Nerve Pain

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Our Bone and Joint Treatment is a powerful combination of herbs that posses potent anti-inflammatory properties. It speeds healing by reducing inflammation and causing reproduction of damaged cells of muscle, soft tissue and bones.
+ Bone & joint pain
+ Cartilage degeneration
+ Cleaning and lubricating joints
+ Flushing out uric acid build-up in joints
+ Joint swelling & body inflammation
+ Stiffness of joint cartilage
+ Rebuilding collagen in joints
+ Aiding in alkalizing the body
+ Increasing bone mineral density
+ Promotes bone regeneration
+ Bone fracture repair & recovery
+ Promotes new cell production
+ Herniated spinal disk problems
+ Sciatica nerve pain

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Bone and Joint Treatment
UGX 130,000
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