Immune Up – Elixir

Immune Up – Elixir

UGX 30,000

Cellular System Rejuviantion

+Enhances general body immunity
+Provides Support for Cellular Health
+Re-balances Blood & restores the PH level from Acidic to Alkaline
+Fights pathogens & viruses (Mumps, Herpes, Chicken pox, Common cold, Leukemia)
+Fights vira; Hepatitis
+Helps to increase CD4 count
+Prevents opportunistic infections in HIV/ AIDS patients
+Reduces side effects of Antiretroviral drugs

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Cellular System Rejuvenation

The best natural ingredients with a beneficial impact on the body’s immunity. Strengthen and boost your body’s natural defence with The Immune up- Elixir.


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Immune Up – Elixir
UGX 30,000
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