Clogged Arteries Formula

Clogged Arteries Formula

UGX 80,000

+Blood Cholesterol Reduction
+Cardiovascular (Heart) Function
+Clear blocked arteries
+Cleans blood of inflammatory Fats
+Removes fat from blood Vessels
+Prevents & Dissolves Blood Clots

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Plaque that accumulates on the inner walls of your arteries is made from various substances that circulate in your blood. These include calcium, fat, cholesterol, cellular waste, and fibrin, a material involved in blood clotting. In response to plaque buildup, cells in your artery walls multiply and secrete additional substances that can worsen the state of clogged arteries.
As plaque deposits grow, this condition causes the arteries to narrow and harden

The “Clogged Arteries Formula” contains very powerful natural, herbal and organic ingredients which are recommended for the release of toxins from the body, increasing the elasticity of blood vessels, as well as preventing formation of cancer cells. After using this remedy, blood circulation will improve, as well as its lipid composition

✔ Clears Blocked Arteries
✔ Cleans Blood of Inflammatory Fats
✔ Removes Cholesterol plaques from the walls
✔ Prevents Heart Palpitations (skipped beats)
✔ Removes Fat from Blood Vessels
✔ Prevents & Dissolves Blood Clots


✅ Chest pain (Angina)
✅ Regular Dizziness & Weakness
✅ Shortness of breath
✅ Excessive Sweating
✅ Heart palpitations
✅ Lower Back Pain
✅ Persistent Headaches & Migraines
✅ Painful, Numb or Cold Hands & Feet
✅ Leg pain behind the Calf
✅ Burning feeling Sensation in your Feet
✅ Sensation of weakness or numbness on one side of your body
✅ Inability to move an arm or a leg
✅ Loss of vision on one side only
✅ Chronic Nausea
✅ Early Male Pattern Baldness
✅ Slurring of words
✅ Ear crease

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Clogged Arteries Formula
UGX 80,000
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