Brain Booster

Brain Booster

UGX 30,000

+Improves Cognitive Function
+Improves Memory
+Enhances Focus
+Boosts Concentration & Provides Clarity for Men and Women

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POTENT & EFFECTIVE: Brain Booster by Doctor’s Organic is a highly concentrated premium quality brain support supplement designed to activate your brain. Brain Booster features natural ingredients that research suggests may cross the blood-brain barrier.
BENEFITS: Improve Memory, Supports Healthy Cognitive Functions, Increase Energy, Enhance Focus, Concentration and Clarity.
FEEL ALERT AND FOCUSED – WITHOUT THE JITTERS AND CRASH: Whether you are climbing the corporate ladder, earning your degree, focused on athletics, Brain Booster puts your brain in a higher gear. A step up in focus and clarity, without the caffeine or stimulants, meaning no afternoon crash. Feel energized from morning till night.
VITAMIN RICH BLEND: Brain Booster contains a nourishing mix of vitamins. Designed to support ideal brain function and health.
LAB TESTED: Brain Booster is made with all-natural ingredients. Our labs adhere to strict quality standards to make sure that every bottle lives up to the customer’s expectations.

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Brain Booster
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